The Coolest Survival Gear Ever!!!!

I Love These and I Plan To Get A Few Of Them Soon I will Keep You Posted

I Love These and I Plan To Get A Few Of Them Soon I will Keep You Posted

Wazoo Survival Gear LLC

Time to get some new fans (while the web page is down) so we can do another giveaway! Share this picture to help us get up to 6k fans.

The Adventure is the pinnacle of paracord bracelets. Never before has so much stuff been so elegantly packaged into a comfortable, wearable survival kit.

Practicality is the name of the game when it comes to survival kits. If it’s not practical to carry, then you probably wont carry it. And as we all know, survival kits don’t work if you don’t have them with you!

The Adventure even goes as far as prioritizing for you. Your bare essential fire starting, signaling, cutting tool, navigation and first aid are all quickly accessible. If your situation worsens, disassemble the whole bracelet to access your cordage to build a shelter and your longer term food securing and repair kit.

Yeah yeah, we know you won’t die from starvation until about 3 weeks in, but give it a shot and let us know how it affects your mental attitude. Willpower goes a long way and once you give up, you’re dead. Do whatever it takes to keep a positive attitude whether it’s fishing, setting snares and traps, or anything else to keep your mind occupied and calm.

This thing could save your Wazoo!


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